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Marine Assurance/Vessel Inspections

Alliance Marine Services (AMS) undertakes a wide variety of ship inspections, including CMID and OVID inspections on Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs).  These can range from an assignment for conducting one vessel inspection or one for the inspection of multiple vessels and/or a fleet of a particular owner or operator.  Our  network of inspectors around the globe allows us to perform timely and cost effective vessel inspections worldwide.

Vessel Inspection Types

 Trading Vessel Inspections

AMS provides inspectors to conduct inspections of trading vessels for a variety of commercial purposes.

 Offshore Support Vessel Inspections

AMS provides inspectors to carry out inspections of  OSVs for prospective charterers.  These are conducted according to accepted offshore industry standards.  Qualified Inspectors use IMCA's Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) or OCIMF's Offshore Vessel Inspections Database (OVID)  reporting formats.


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